Al Gamal A.G.
A Member of Nur Mansour Group

Welcome to Al Gamal

Al Gamal Organic Farms in Egypt

Al Gamal A.G. operates organic farms in Al Minya, Egypt. We plant organic fruits, vegetables and herbs on 5000 Feddan (2100 hectares / ~ 5200 acres) land.

We fulfill crops-on-demand orders from major importers from the United States, Europe and Autralia.

Our Development & Research Department develops new revolutionary methods for organic farming. We are worldwide the first to combine traditional, but mostly forgotten, farming know-how, knowledge from the field of bio-physics and the newest inventions of nanotechnology. That gives us the ability to do highly productive organic farming without the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Certified Organic Farms in Minya

Our farms are ECOA certified. We are a registered member of ECOA and meet the highest standards of organic farming of the german Naturland e.V..

Al Gamal A.G.
Dr. Gamal Mansour
Eugen-Bolz-Kehre 6
D-12351 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 66 70 89 94
Handy Germany: +49 179 560 1 560
Handy Egypt: +20 106 111 1 127